Accepted Papers:

Generating program identifier dictionary for maintaining legacy systems

Protecting the sharing and distribution of color images hosted in cloud storage services

Protection of Mathematical Formulas using Function Invariants

Software Protection of Smart Household Appliances Against Over-exploitation

Algorithmic Methods of Hidden Communication Through Buy Orders and Sales on International Stock Exchanges

Formal and Automatic Security Policy Enforcement on Android Applications by Rewriting

Introducing Interactivity in Disaster Recovery Simulations

An ontology for modeling Vehicle Routing Problems

LSTM-based mosquito genus classification using their wingbeat sound

Acoustic Scenery Recognition Using CWT and Deep Neural Network

Towards a new approach for Intelligent BPM based on Technologies 4.0

Building Normalized Systems from Domain Models in Ecore

New Model for Handling Inconsistency Issues in DL-Lite Knowledge Bases

Bio-informatic model of tyrosine kinases inhibitors in trabecular meshwork cells

SELM: Software Engineering of Machine Learning Models

Formal Event-B Modeling of the MICONIC Application

Extreme Gradient Boosting for Cyberpropaganda Detection

The Bane of Generate-and-Validate Program Repair: Too Much Generation, Too Little Validation

Integrating Quality Assessment through Metrics into Scrum Software Development

AFL: Adaptive Federated Learning based on Personalized Model and Adaptive Communication

LSTM Neural Networks for Detecting Anomalies caused by Web Application Cyber Attacks

An Empirical Investigation of Online News Classification on an Open-domain, Large-scale and High-quality Dataset in Vietnamese

Proctors Assignment at the University of Information Technology - VNU HCM

An Effective AQI Estimation Using Sensor Data and Stacking Mechanism

Improving Euclidean´s consensus degrees in group decision making problems through a Uniform extension

The Construction and Application of Online Programming Learning System With Interactive Vedio Based on Semantic Web

Emotion Regulation Music Recommendation based on Feature Selection

A Deep Transfer Learning Approach for Flow-based Intrusion Detection in SDN-enabled Network

A Deep Local and Global Scene-Graph Matching for Image-Text Retrieval

Analysing the Performance of Stress Detection Models on Consumer-Grade Wearable Devices

An Efficient Cloud Framework for Multi-robot System Management

Vietnamese Complaint Detection on E-Commerce Websites

Cavitation Flow Simulation and Experiment Research in Inducer

Feature Reuse Across Software Releases during Software Evolution

Incorporating Attention Mechanism in Enhancing Classification of Alzheimer's Disease

Skeleton-based Action Recognition with Joint Coordinates as Feature using Neural Oblivious Decision Ensembles

Brain Tumor Classification using Modified VGG model-based Transfer Learning Approach

Similarity Learning for CNN-based ASL Alphabet Recognition

Fingerprint Recognition System Based on Bifircation Minutiaes

Effort estimation in agile software development:A systematic mapping study

Problem of Inconsistency and Default Consistency Rules

A Rank Based ACO Approach for Optimal Resource Allocation and Scheduling in FMS Modeled with Labelled Petri Net

A BPM-based agile approach to ensure adaptive learning

Adaptive Ranking Relevant Source Files for Bug Reports Using Genetic Algorithm

A massively parallel approach to automated software correctness enhancement in Java

Cyber Racism Detection Using Bidirectional Gated Recurrent Units and Word Embeddings

Toward the formalization of Business Process Model and Notation

Multi-level Sentiment Analysis of Product Reviews based on Grammar Rules of Language

Semantics-Based Scheduling Approach of Ontology-Based Real-Time DBMS

Ontological Data Replication in a Distributed Real-Time Database System

A performance-based dispatching rule for decentralised manufacturing planning and production control system

Engineering Platform as Integrated Software for Model Mediated Research

Complementary Object Tracking using Average Peak-to-Correlation Energy

Experiment of OCITN: Considering appropriate goal images and metric for One-class Image Transformation Network